Choosing the Right Jewelry for You

Matching the jewelry to your clothes can be very difficult but these guidelines will make it easier and perfect for you.

Choosing the Right Jewelry for You

Basic Guidelines to Mix and Match Jewelry and Clothes

Trends change so fast in the fashion world and it can leave your head spinning with drastic changes, whether in clothes or in jewelry.
It is not always simple to determine how to pair your new jewelry with your new outfit. The rules seems to recede and flow as seasons come and go, and if you do not keep up with the time of these changes, you will be certainly confused on how to mix and match your jewelry with your outfit.
It is frequently tough enough to put new clothes together, but adding jewelry and other finishing touches can add stress if you want to look perfect, but are not certain on what you do. Nonetheless, worry no more, as there are lots of ways on how to select the right accessory for your outfit.
Some of the basic guidelines of mix and match are very simple, particularly with regard to matching your jewelry with your outfit. Basically, you need to ensure that you are balancing your overall look. If you are wearing a stack of bangles or bracelets on your one arm, do not wear a group of rings on the same hand. On the contrary, if you are wearing huge earrings, then avoid wearing necklace at the same time.
The golden rule about mix and match is that to keep it simple, but elegant. The do’s and don’ts mentioned above are necessary to follow. This will help you avoid looking like a jewelry stand. If you plan to complement your new dress with accessories, ensure that you choose one part of your body in which you want to focus with. Wearing bracelets and a watch at the same is a no, no. This will only complicate things. If you feel to wear bead necklaces, then you can keep off wearing drop or dangle earrings.
For me, jewelry can surely complement your outfit, but if you do it without these basic guidelines to mix and match, then you are in trouble. Do not overstate your overall look by wearing too much accessories, as it will not complement your clothes.

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