Choosing the Right Jewelry for You

Picking the Best Jewelry will be easier if you consider your facial shape.

Choosing the Right Jewelry for You

Choosing the Best Jewelry with Your Facial Shape

When choosing a pair or set of jewelry, it is important that you know the style, design and color that will suit you.
You can find many ways to choose the best jewelry will good on you. However, some people are having a hard time in picking the right jewelry for them. The reason behind this is that some of them buy pieces that are in the trend, while some of them are not quite sure if those accessories are really good for them. To solve this problem, you need to consider your facial shape.
The shape of your face can help you a lot to choose the right jewelry for you. If you know your facial shape, it is much easier to determine the right accessories that will complement your overall look. Some of the facial shapes include heart, inverted triangle, and diamond, round, square, triangular, rectangular, oblong and oval shapes.
If you know exactly which facial shape you belong to, then you can choose your jewelry much easier. Heart, inverted triangle and diamond-shaped face can go for drop or dangle earrings to help lengthen their face. When it comes to necklace, they need to go for chokers to help soften and contrast the sharp angle of their chin. So, if you fall in these facial shapes, these accessories will surely look good on you.
On the other hand, if the shape of your face is round, square or triangular, you can try elongated shape of earrings, such as angular shapes like rectangle or oval shape. Square-shaped face looks well in teardrop earrings. When it comes to necklace, look for jewelry that can elongate your face, normally a necklace that can extend below your neckline.
Moreover, if you have an oblong or rectangular facial shape, then you can pick round or short earrings to contrast the longer feature of your face. Chokers are best if you have a long neck. With oval facial shape, dangle earrings with angular shape is the best option for you. Your necklace can be either short or long.
Personally speaking, understanding the facial shapes can make your shopping life much simpler, particularly if you are seeking for a new jewelry. These facial shapes can surely help you to determine the right accessories that will suit your overall appearance.

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