Choosing the Right Jewelry for You

Choosing The right Jewelry can be made easier if you will choose one that will fit your skin tone.

Choosing the Right Jewelry for You

Picking the Right Jewelry with Your Skin Tone

Picking the appropriate jewelry to purchase can be a confusing, tricky and sometimes frustrating experience.
Thus, understanding some factors can help you to pick the right jewelry for you. Some experts recommended to consider your skin tone in choosing the best jewelry for you. Determining your skin tone can be easier through your veins. It is normally visible on your wrist, so it may be a good reference to know your skin tone.
Based on the color of your veins, which you will actually see on your wrist, your skin tone may fall on between two categories, which are warm and cool skin tones. Warm skin tones are recognizable by greenish-colored veins. If you have warmer skin tone, you may notice golden-apricot or yellow undertones when you look in the mirror. People with natural color like strawberry blonde, red and orange are usually fall in this category.
On the contrary, cool skin tones are distinguishable by bluish-colored veins. If you have cool skin tones, you may see rosy-red or pinkish undertones if you look in the mirror. Eye color can vary from dark brown to light blue or anywhere in between. If you know which skin tone category you fall, then it is easier to look for the right jewelry.
When picking jewelry, you can choose matching color and metal. Cool skin tone favors metals like white gold, platinum and silver, while warm skin tone favors metals like copper, brass, pewter and gold. With complementary colors, cool skin tone go for stones like diamonds and white pearls, while warm skin tone go for stone like golden-toned pearls and coral.
Cool skin tone also favors stone colors like magenta, red, blue, purple and pink on their jewelry. Warm skin tone’s stone colors concentrate more on earthy tones like turquoise, coral, peach, yellow, green, orange and brown. For my opinion, understanding which skin tone category you are can help you pick the right jewelry that will suit you best. This way, you can have the right reference with the help of your skin tone in buying any kind of accessories in the market.

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