Choosing the Right Jewelry for You

Having a lot of Jewelry is tough and so creating your own jewelry stand and organizer will help you keep your jewelry and save money

Choosing the Right Jewelry for You

How to Create DIY Jewelry Stand and Organizer

Women definitely know more about fashion and this includes choosing the best jewelry for them.
A jewelry is an essential part of femininity and beauty of a woman. Each woman has more collections of accessories in their home and if you are a female, you understand how much it is vital that your jewelry collections are in the same and right place, to be ordered and to reach easily. If you think that it will cost you more in buying box and organizer, then you are wrong.
Some old things inside your house are useful to be your jewelry organizer. Some of the idea is to make a DIY jewelry stand or box from these old stuffs. You can make a vintage drawer as an organizer for your accessory collections or even your old DVD rack as a jewelry stand.
Using an old vintage drawer, you can create a stand with two various types of hooks to hang more of your different kinds of accessories. An old DVD rack can serve as a stand to hang your earrings. This is particularly true if you loved to collect many different kinds of earrings. Surely, you will find this very useful, as it can also be a great display inside your room.
Jewelry stand can cost you money, but with creative and simple ideas, you can create one from old spindles from the back of a chair, a tree slice, wood glue, a flat copper wire and finishing nails. With these materials, you can make your own stand, which can hold your necklaces, earrings and bracelets.
Another DIY jewelry organizer that I considered is wooden clothes hangers. For me, this is the simplest way to make an organizer for your accessories. You can simply hand the pieces in each hook and hang the wooden clothe hanger on your wall. You see, with a simple idea and a little bit of imagination, you can come up with useful organizers and stands to organize your collections and other accessories. By creating your own stand and box organizer, you can save more money compared with buying a costly organizer in the market.

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